Green Power +

In Green Power+®, power and ethanol are coproduced, thus maximizing the value added products from biomass.

Using the process demonstrated at the Alpena Biorefinery, an extraction module and an ethanol module are inserted in an otherwise conventional biomass power plant. The resulting configuration is Green Power+®.

Green Power+® enables cost effective cellulosic ethanol production at a small scale of 10-20MMUSG/year, with competitive ethanol cash production cost.

Key success factors of Green Power+® include cost effective treatment of the extract, being able to return consistent biomass composition to the boiler with uninterrupted operation, and an effective energy integration of ethanol production with biopower.

Green Power+® can be applied to any industry employing biomass boilers for power or both steam and power production.

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Alpena Biorefinery

Awards: The plant has been awarded grants from the Michigan Economic Development Commission, and from the Department of Energy. The plant is expected to be fully operational in the third quarter of 2013.

Alpena Biorefinery