October 24, 2009New Center of Energy Excellence Announced

Governor Granholm and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation have announced approval of the alternative energy partnership in Alpena to be designated the state’s newest Center of Energy Excellence.


New Center of Energy Excellence

Source: blog.jennifergranholm.com & American Process

The program, proposed by the governor in her State of the State address in January and signed into law this summer, is designed to bring companies, academic institutions and the state together to support cutting-edge research and development and pioneer new alternative-energy technology.

- American Process Inc. – The Atlanta-based company will receive $4 million from the COEE program to establish a pilot scale biorefinery at the Decorative Panels International hardwood plant in Alpena. The biorefinery will convert the process waste effluent from the plant into cellulosic ethanol, sodium acetate and clean, warm water. The project has potential for replication across the state in other biorefineries, pulp and paper mills, and food and agricultural processing plants. Michigan Technological University will contribute research to improve fermentation processes and also on the use of sodium acetate for novel anti-icing applications.