August 19, 2010Red ribbon day for Alpena Biorefinery

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Gov. Jennifer Granholm cuts a dedication ribbon at the future site of the Alpena Biorefinery during the dedication ceremony at Decorative Panels International, Inc.


Welcome to Alpena ribbon cutting day
Welcome to Alpena ribbon cutting day


Gov. Jennifer Granholm visited Alpena on Thursday for a special ribbon cutting for the proposed facility. 
Granholm and other dignitaries celebrated another step taken toward transforming Michigan into a clean energy producing hot-bed globally. Granholm said the local pilot program and others like it in the state, could lead the charge in providing the technology to the rest of the word. 

Theodora Retsina - President of American Process Inc.
Theodora Retsina
President of Alpena Biorefinery & API

"The Alpena Biorefinery will be amongst the first few facilities in the US to commercially produce cellulosic ethanol from sustainable feedstock.

It is an important milestone in our nation’s quest for energy security. It is also a significant step in demonstrating that green technologies can lead to new products and new jobs. Making Cellulosic ethanol happen is not easy. It is a new technology. It takes innovation, persistence, and shear stubbornness to put together all the pieces that are needed to make it work. But most of all it takes a community of partners that all share the same vision.
", Theodora Retsina said.

Jennifer Granholm - Governor of Michigan
Jennifer Granholm
Governor of Michigan

"We are here today celebrating that Alpena has become a center for clean energy excellence. This plant is not just good for Alpena, it is good because it provides great hope for the great future of waste-to-energy. We are so glad that not only the State of Michigan and the federal government recognized the importance of the start up programs so we can demonstrate and commercialize these startup programs here in Michigan and here in Alpena. It really puts Alpena on the map.Granholm said.

There has been a large amount of investment made by the state and federal government to make the plant in Alpena a reality. The Department of Energy committed a grant for $18 million and the state $4 million.

"We could have chosen to take the state money and use it on state buildings toward energy efficiency, but we went to the federal government and said we could use that money for startup funds for companies that have really great projects that we could then use as demonstration projects across the county and obviously create jobs here in Michigan.Granholm said.

Granholm has made it her highest priority to transform Michigan and make it a leader in waste-to-energy technology. "It is the natural sector for us to move into, and the word is going to need the products to reduce the reliance rate of fossil fuels. We can be the place where all that is made.Clean energy is one of the sectors that are really promising for jobs and we need to continue to take advantage of that.Granholm said.

Carol Shafto - Alpena Mayor.
Carol Shafto
Alpena Mayor

Alpena Mayor Carol Shafto also spoke and welcomed API to the community.

"Today we shake hands with API with friendship, and we hope for a better Alpena tomorrow. Carol Shafto said.

Gov. Jennifer Granholm cuts the dedication ribbon
Gov. Jennifer Granholm cuts the ribbon.